We are in a global season of change and reform. The re:form coaching group helps individuals, teams and systems to bring tangible reform. This tells their stories and shares their wisdom.

Eileen is a creative, a scientist, a mom of three, and an enneagram three -  and is on a journey of becoming her authentic self. 

hana was doing super well in her career as a teacher until she decided to quit. she decided to quit because she had a dream. hana's audacious act was choosing life over conventionalism. she tells the story of pursuing her dream to be a professional artist.

Helen Cottee takes us through one way we can each change our systems. If we stop looking at what we can't do (which becomes the source of our pain and suffering) we can instead do what we can do to reform our experience of our own systems and relationships. 

The third episode in this first series of 'the audacious act of becoming yourself' is an interview with Jack. Jack is a gay Christian and tells his story of coming out and the audacious steps he took to stop hiding his sexuality with his family, friends and Christian community.

His funny, honest narrative explains the journey of claiming his authentic self without losing his faith. 


In episode 002 of the re:form podcast Helen interviews David Hayward aka naked pastor. David is an ex Christian pastor who now works helping people to become themselves outside the confines of religious boundaries. He talks about his journey to freedom, the lessons he has learned and what we need to know when we deconstruct in our faith or other systems. 

In this first ever episode of the re:form podcast, life coach and host Helen Cottee opens the conversation into identity and its power to being reform to homes, relationships, workplaces, social systems and faith organisations.